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One of the oldest spices on Earth, green cardamom was discovered in South India first. From there, it went on to travel the whole world, reaching the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians, thus eventually becoming the queen of spices. ABID KESAR MEHAL provides Green Cardamom that is directly sourced from the same ancient sites where the historic spice is still cultivated. Possessing a flavour that has lasted millennia, our Green Cardamom is a journey across eras. The historical uses of cardamom are cemented by the sheer wealth of benefits it brings to life: it is linked with lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and possesses anti-cancer, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, green cardamom is considered an ancient remedy for oral health. This may be partly due to the anti-bacterial effects of cardamom, attributed to its wondrous natural compounds. Not only that, some studies indicate cardamom may lower anxiety levels. Experience the wonders of the queen of spices with Garni Green Cardamom.

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